My Trash, Another’s Treasure

You know when you find that pattern you are super excited to make? Like you love everything about it, and it’s going to be sooo perfect? 💯! I love to try new things, and the Brya Pants free pattern from the Mood Fabrics blog had me wanting to make them instantly! I loved the drape, and the interesting silhouette of them instantly as soon as I saw them on Instagram. And they were a free pattern! Win, win!

What I initially liked about these pants was they were loose fit workout pants. I get sick of the painted on, tight running/yoga/workout pants. The Brya Pants looked supremely comfortable, and they would be great for either workout pants or lounge pants. Also, they come with pockets! I’m really trying to beef up my skills with knits while expanding my workout wardrobe. (Seriously, like before all of my yoga pants seams rip out!!) Yup, this pattern was going to be a winner.

For the pattern, Mood recommends their stretch bamboo jersey. It looks very luxurious, and at the time of writing this, goes for $15.99 per yard. The pattern requires three yards. $45 was more than I wanted to spend for the first pair I was making, as the first time I make a pattern is usually a “working” muslin. I buy a cheaper fabric that I would like the pattern in and will buy more expensive fabrics for the next go with the pattern, once I have all of my sizing and changes figured out. So, I sought some fabric at the local Joann Fabric Store. This was my first mistake. The fabric at Joann was still $12-$13 (after whatever coupons) per yard for a polyester jersey… I sacrificed the excellence of bamboo fiber for about $6. That being said, the fabric I got was very soft.

Fabric in hand, I was ready to start. I printed and tiled together the .pdf pattern. I prefer to tape all the pieces into rows; then tape the rows together. It goes pretty fast. There aren’t very many pieces to this pattern so I was able to cut it out quickly. One thing I will say, the Mood patterns don’t come with a fabric cutting layout. I rarely follow them anyway, so that is a non-issue for me, but worth noting. I did not need three yards. My guess is that the largest size needs the three yards, and the pattern doesn’t scale down your needs for specific sizes.

The instructions are very clear with pictures of each step. I was able to make these pants super fast. I definitely recommend this pattern as a quick project, especially if you have a serger. I would recommend the following changes if you decide to make this pattern:

  • As soon as the pockets are sewed to the front, I would baste the top and side seams. The pattern calls for you to bast the top much later, but I think you would be better served to baste as soon as they are sewn one.
  • Shorten these giraffe pants! In the picture on the blog, the model’s pants are more like capris. In real life, these are full length pants. I have short legs, but they are not that short. I tried pushing them up, but there was way too much fabric.
  • I would do the waistband out of one piece of fabric folded over instead of a waistband and facing. Just a personal preference. I think I would like it better that way.
  • I would ADD ELASTIC OR A DRAWSTRING. Now, maybe it is just the fabric I used was not “springy” enough, but I would like to have a little extra waistband strength.

Those are all pretty easy fixes.

So, where’s the trash? Who ended up with treasure? As much of a delight as these pants were to make, I was so disappointed when I tried on the finished product. They were not flattering on me and did not fit me well. My husband was watching the disappointment, when he tried to cheer me up by making a comment about how comfortable they look. Jokingly, I told him to try them on and see just how comfortable they were! Like the good sport that Mr. AndyWear is, he (somewhat begrudgingly) got up off the couch and tried them on. He loved how comfortable they were! His gripe is that the pockets are too small. So, ladies and gents, if you make these pants for a man (or if you just like bigger pockets), I recommend you increase the pocket size. However, he has been pondering getting a pair of joggers, and these pants fit right into that hole in his wardrobe so he now has a new pair of pants.

In conclusion, this pattern is fun, quick, and easy to make, but a big ol’ bummer for me. The instructions were very clear, but I think there is some room for improvement on the quality of construction. Hindsight, I would have gotten the stretch bamboo jersey from Mood Fabrics. I would make the above listed recommended changes if I make another pair for my husband, but I will not be making these for myself.

But hey, the husband is always asking me to make things for him. So, it worked out alright.

This is them on me… I paired them with my, “I’m not amused” face. They look equally as unflattering. 😛

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